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Solar Roofing at a glance

Solar Roofing offers homeowners the opportunity to generate power from their roof. Different types of Solar Roofing are available, but among the most common are BIPV(Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) and Crystalline.  Both systems are effective, and send power back into the Power Grid reducing your energy costs. However, these systems also need to be considered from the viewpoint of your current roofing style.

BIPV Solar Roofing is typically used with metal standing seam roofing, such as the Interlock Panel Roof . This roofing is common to commercial developments, and is used selectively by homeowners desiring an architectural appearance typically thought of when customers think  of metal roofing.  Crystalline Solar Roofing can be used with most common roofing materials, including shingle, slate, tile, and Interlock Metal Roofing.

BIPV needs to be used on “Flat” metal roofing, since it actually adheres to the metal roof surface.  Crystalline systems  “stand up” from the surface of your roof, and are separate from the roof underneath.


Solar Roofing needs to be considered in light of the energy you will save. In some markets, energy costs are high and make these systems economically feasible.  Geography is also a factor, as these systems are more effective in areas of greater sunshine and where  daylight hours are longer. And, government grants are often available to help offset the costs of installation.

Others may choose Solar Roofing as environmental rather than a monetary decision, as reducing energy consumption also reduces pollution.